Friday, 30 March 2012

VV Model

  • This Model is called a Verification and Validation Model.
  • Advantages of VV - Model
  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Each phase has specific deliverables.
    Disadvantages of VV- Model
  • Very rigid, like the waterfall model.
  • Model doesn’t provide a clear path for problems found during testing phases.

  • Disciplined approach to evaluate whether a software product fulfills the requirements or conditions imposed on them.
  • Are we doing the job right?
  • Also called as static testing.
  • Methods For Verification
  • Meeting led by author
  • Open-ended sessions
  • To establish a common understanding of the document
  • Led by trained moderator (not the author)
  • Remove defects efficiently, as early as possible;
  • Pre-meeting preparation
    3.Technical Review
  • It is often performed as a peer review without management participation
  • Ideally it is led by a trained moderator, but possibly also by a technical expert.

  • Disciplined approach to evaluate whether the final, as built software
  • Product fulfills its specific intended use
  • Are we doing the right job?
  • Also called as dynamic testing.
    Methods used are:
  • Unit testing
  • Integration testing
  • System testing
  • User Acceptance Testing
    1.Unit Testing
  • Unit - smallest testable piece of software.
  • Unit testing is process of testing the smallest/ individual component of program.
  • Typically done by the developers and not by testers.
    2.Integration Testing
  • Integration is a process of combining and testing multiple components together.
  • Considered interfaces on system
  • Bottom Up
  • Top Down
  • Critical Part First/hybrid
  • Big Bang approach
    3.System Testing
  • System testing is the testing of a finally integrated product for compliance against user requirements.
  • After development of all required modules, the development team releases a software build to be tested on the System Testing Environment.
    Usability Testing
  • Also called as accessibility testing
  • To check the ease of use for the user